I was in Miami at a show like the grammys/
Club Set puffin’ purple Saudi Royal Family/
I was on 5th Ave at a party no public/
Rev Run gave out sneakers, Yes, Nobody does it/
I was out in Oslo with fashion designers and models/
Just me Joey son after Sicily with bottles/
Ran into Russel And Yeezy when I was still a teen tho/
Swizzy came later, it was all a dream, whoa/
The industry got patient when rap execs hated/
Wanted me to snap out but I rose to the occasion/
NEO…creole… Un ami… Cajun/
If it’s not great now, it’s soon to be amazin’/
Are you fly yet? bout to trip for some fashion/
Me and Princess Eve, I’m the Chief Prince Adam/
He goes H.E infront of everybody/
Autumn come, BACK2THEFRESH, all in ya lobby/

From – NEO August 1st 2019

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