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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) President Donald Trump I want you to know that I voted for you. In fact, I voted for you after voting for the very first time in my life in 2012. That means that the very person whom I ever voted for was former U.S President Barack Obama.

The unique thing about what I’ve done is how I did it. I did not choose a party (republican) until after Barack Obama won the election for his second term in office.

And when it was time to vote once again for a new U.S president, I chose you over Democrat Hillary Clinton. I chose you over Hillary Clinton even though she was qualified to be president, because of the aftermath the U.S had inherited from Barack Obamas decisions.

I felt as though it would become a little too masculine for Mrs Clinton, so here we are. You’re doing your job to the best of your ability with the tools you have.

Let me say that “United” means undivided. And in a perfect world the U.S would only have one house as opposed to democrat and republican.

Now once again that my choice has won, I’m joining the opposite party.

My decision has nothing to do with who the president is. My decision has everything to do with the U.S not being united as its name says it is (United States). And that’s hypocritical.

But to keep everything balanced I have to become Democrat in order to experience what makes the U.S call itself United States. I’ve been republican long enough.

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