Nothin for me to Francis Coppola film, you know/
After “All Sun All Moon” I’ll top Mario Puzo/
If they oppose that you know how warriors act/
Great Law Of Peace and the Qurans like, facts/
Popped up in Manhattan with my grandpa on my shirt/
Then they postponed Joeys trial, all I do is work/
I know my math, I passed the class, Sicily knows I’m with the craft/
Heard we must have did something new out here, history is the past/
Your honor, I’m Duronn, I aint mean for that to happen/
It’s just we neva met before, they started teamin up what happened?/
I aint new to New York, the streets followed me before/
Followed me through subways, then through JFK, say Allah
Shout out to the Swedish, Norwegians, Jamaicans, Russians and Albanians/
Ethiopians, South Africans, French, and Armanians/
Told the Mexicans I’d be back like Pocal Votan in a ball cap/
The pesos, the rubles, the kroners, all that/

Shades like @TomCruise you see the firm?/
Paint a picture straight like Bob Villas perm/
She’s clueless, Chers best friend (@staceydash) Dion/
@celinedion in the speakers ,war child in neon/
I can direct a song, produce & star in it/
It a sound like motion picture, put a couple cars in it/

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