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That “Red, White, & Blue”
Hip Pop

I actually put this album together from scratch in front of my fans and supporters online. We just had a talent search earlier this year and no one entered it. So I decided to put verses of different artist on the beats I produced to enhance their sound. All verses are recycled except mines. If you would like a copy of the FREE album email us at back2thefresh@gmail.com

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    • All records reproduced & remastered by Duronn “Justis” James except “15 Minute Mix”  and “What You Got”

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Book: “All Sun All Moon”


Hollywood. Because of the dangerous competitive nature of strangers, I’ve decided to move my book “All Sun All Moon” back to Dec 4th 2019. Thanks for the support.

Film: Clout & Excalibershine

Music:  Stars And Bars” Instrumental CD Vol.1,2,3,&4

  • “NEO” Out August 1st 2019 (Excalibershine Enterprises LLC)