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That “Red, White, & Blue”
Hip Pop

I actually put this album together from scratch in front of my fans and supporters online. We just had a talent search earlier this year and no one entered it. So I decided to put verses of different artist on the beats I produced to enhance their sound. All verses are recycled except mines. If you would like a copy of the FREE album email us at back2thefresh@gmail.com

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  • All records reproduced & remastered by Duronn “Justis” James except “15 Minute Mix”  and “What You Got”

To hear, watch, and read, all music, film, & literature by Duronn “Justis” James click on the links below:

Book: “All Sun All Moon

Film: “Clout” & “About Excalibershine

Music:  Stars And Bars” Instrumental CD Vol.1,2,3,&4

  • “NEO” Out August 1st 2019 (Excalibershine Enterprises LLC)

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