BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Before this years Native American / Christopher Columbus Day, every last Native American worldwide should comprehend how “Spain” financed Christopher Columbus’s voyage and not “Italy“. So if Spain financed Christopher Columbus’s voyage, why don’t every last Native American world-wide, consider the fact, that Spain has been the culprit the entire time. I speak for Native Americans and Italian Americans because I’m half Mohawk and Half Italian, and I’ve done the research without prejudice. Strategic apologize not only cure the mind of what we know, but it changes the way we think forever. Here are a few historical facts about Native Americans & Indigenous People.

    • Native Americans are “Sovereign” by “Law“.
    • The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was imprisoned by Spain before Spain financed his voyage.
    • Christopher Columbus and Spain were looking for India but ended up on Turtle Island aka America by mistake. So they called Native Americans Indians which is wrong!
    • The only reason Native Americans went through the worst holocaust in world history is because Christopher Columbus and Spain thought they were Indians!
    • Spain wanted to murder Native Americans and take their land. The French wanted to enslave the Native American. The ENGLISH said, “Lets breed with them and make them family
    • If it weren’t for the organization of the Native Americans, there would be no such thing as a U.S constitution. In order for the indentured servants to form 13 Colonies they had to have learned from Native Americans.
    • People” are Native Americans. The real people. “WE THE PEOPLE”


Hopefully with this new found perspective we all can enjoy Thanksgiving Day together.

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