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Photo Source: Hot 97

Hot 97 said,  “Queen Radio got extremely HOT today as Nicki Minaj addressed Cardi B. and their fight during Harper’s Bazaar’s after party for New York Fashion Week.

Our very own Funk Flex was the guest DJ on the show…and after a great set, Nicki got a little heated and decided to let fans know that she never made any comments about Cardi’s parenting or child & proceeded to explain how Cardi has done the same thing she excused her of etc…

Again…this is JUST a snippet! Stay tuned for more…

Here’s a SNIPPET of a very upset Nick Minaj below“:

Source: Hot 97 

BACK2THEFRESH (AP) – HOT 97  “Queen What’s Up With That” Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj Ft MIA SNIPPET: [https://soundcloud.com/back2thefresh-com/lil-wayne-nicki-minaj-and-mia-queen-whats-up-with-that]

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