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Stone Island

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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Last month I happened to be in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. And If you know anything about New York, you know that Soho is full of upscale designer boutiques & restaurants. The last time I was in the area was about 5 years ago when I dined at Zucca Trattoria in the West Village. 

I love Autumn so I began walking around the neighborhood in search of something new and exciting. I eventually stumbled upon an Italian fashion boutique by the name of Stone Island. I was immediately blown away by style alone. The customer service was so immaculate, that I had to complement the employees on their hospitality. The entire store reminded me of the Norwegian fashion district so I felt at home.

If you’re into upscale men and women Italian clothing, then check out Stone Island.

Founded & Headquartered: 1982, Ravarino, Italy

Website: www.stoneisland.com