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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Before the incarceration of Nicky Scarfo Jr in 2015, our sources claim that he and South Jersey’s Lucchese Crime Family,  were at war with Dominicans. Some say that after a failed assassination attempt by the Lucchese Crime Family, Nicky Scarfo Jr joined them. Others say that he was inducted into the Lucchese Crime Family by his father, the former boss of the Philadelphia Crime Family, Nicky Scarfo in the 1990s.

Deceased former Philadelphia Crime Familys Underboss, Chucky Merlino’s son Joey Merlino, the alleged Boss Of the Philadelphia Crime Family and his constituents, has to wonder why a Dominican Cartel has never been mentioned by any newspaper, as an opponent of The La Costra Nostra. This has been going on for decades.

With sources saying how some Dominicans have joined Isis in the United States, the major question at this point is, are Italian & Sicilian crime families being dismantled in order to cover up terrorism, after publicly speaking against it?