BACK2THEFRESH (AP) The music business isn’t what it use to be. I’m fortunate enough to have experienced it from an artist and CEO’s point of view. The artist in me loves the craft of song writing, producing, engineering, and performing. The CEO/Exec in me knows how to organize and differentiate between pure musical talent, and a popular trend.

The artist in me loves to party. I’ve been to parties thrown by Def Jam, Universal, Inter-scope, and many other labels. That came from always partying with the NFL, NBA, MLB, and crashing college parties. I realized I was good at music when no one in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area wanted to help me record my music. So I eventually got a manager and had to travel 2 hours away to New York in order to record in the Bronx. That Bronx connection was through the southern rap group Nappy Roots executive team. We hung out once or twice in Manhattan when they were on tour. Big V, Prophet, and Terrance Camp were down to earth and kept that southern instinct.

Shortly after that, my music ended up in the hands of Andre Neal. He was head of A&R’s at Violator management. I was just happy that I could even be at Violator for a meeting as an artist. They use to come down to the Philadelphia Metropolitan area and party with me in the clubs. I’ve never signed a contract with them or did business. The experience and connection meant alot. I never missed a meeting at their offices. It was a growing experience.

During that time, Julia Beverly published a verse of mines in Ozone Magazine’s hottest 16 bar section, and I landed a record on the 13 Dead Men film soundtrack.

I eventually started up an independent label called Change 4 A Dolla Records, when Blues And Soul Magazine in the United Kingdom reached out. That’s one of the UK’s oldest selling music magazine. They did an article on me in their 1000th copy. That was their last issue printed before they began their online publication. The article was about independents doing big things. I didn’t have a major record deal, a record label deal, joint venture, 360 Deal, publishing deal, or any of that. But I was and still am with BMI.

In 2008 I befriended Jr Ridingers daughter, Amanda Ridinger. She introduced me to her father on his Yaht in Manhattan, who in turn introduced me to Chris Gotti of the The Ink. From there I met Swizz Beatz in Miami. We’ve met each other at events in Miami and at J Los party in Manhattan, but just like Violater, no business or music collaboration. The experience and connection was phenomenal.

That same year I released a mixtape that a top 40 DJ in California hosted. It was called “The Game Plan” Vol.1 and was composed of various artist nationally in the U.S.

In 2010, I was in a recording studio connected to Def Jam, preparing to record “The Game Plan” Vol.2 while working with a movie studio, when I was struck down by a hit and run driver.

Everything changed for me because everyone who was with me throughout my music career, separated themselves from me. And I was left with the short end of the stick because I’d developed 4 years of amnesia from the accident. I didn’t even know I was involved in the music business for the first 2 years of my amnesia. I haven’t recorded a record in the U.S for 8 whole years. The last time I recorded was in Europe in 2013.

I look at the music business now, and see how it has developed and evolved, and the only thing I can say is, “I understand Dave Chappelle”.