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BACK2THEFERSH (AP) It’s January 4th 2019 and President Donald Trump has one more year in office. Once his 4th year is complete, U.S voting citizens can decide to vote him back in office as Commander – And – Chief, or to vote for another candidate.

U.S citizens should keep in mind that President Donald Trump inherited the aftermath of the President before him, and that was Barack Obama. During Donald Trumps term in office so far, the entire world has witnessed the American public revolt against and praise him for what he’s done, and didn’t do. This also has to be one of the very first times where the American public viciously opposed a President and Supreme court judges publicly in front of America’s enemies, making her vulnerable.

Some of the choices chosen by Donald Trump directly opposed decisions made by Barack Obama. For instance, Barack Obama wanted to lift an embargo with Cuba which ultimately rubbed Russia the wrong way. So as soon as President Trump stepped into office, one of the first things he did to avoid Russia, the worlds largest country, from becoming an open enemy, was to agree not to do business with Cuba.

The plot thickened not too long after that when President Donald Trump felt as though North Korea was a threat because of its nuclear weapons program. President Trump intervened to the point that China had to step in because it backed North Korea. Now there is a trade war going on between the U.S and China because of it.

And to finally bring Russia back into the picture, a few months ago, Russia and China demonstrated the worlds largest military drill in history together. Not to mention the fact that Russia recently claimed that it has a new missile that’s 20 times faster than the speed of sound. And it’s virtually undetected by the United States Detection Systems.

Before Russia introduced their new state of the art missile, the Russian Supreme Court banned 200,000 Jehovah Witnesses. And an ex police officer residing in the Siberian section of Russia by the name of Vissarion has claimed to be the 2nd coming of Christ. He’s claimed it 20 years.

Where did those 200,000 Jehovah Witnesses come from? Where did they go?

Why did President Donald Trump turn around and do the same exact thing Russia did? President Trump has given 200,000 El Salvadorans, and 60,000 Haitians less than 18 months to leave the United States.

The point I’m making is that President Donald Trump is new to his position, and no one gave him a break. He inherited problems that would have made rocket-scientist fold and become mere heroin addicts on a street corner.

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