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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) On January 8th 2019 I decided to visit the Camden New Jersey waterfront, in order to figure out why its South Camden section had more construction going on than any other section of the city.

The new Philadelphia 76ers practice facility sits adjacent to the BB&T Pavilion, and 11 Cooper is on its way. It’s being built directly across the street from The Victor apartment building owned by Dranoff Properties. 

Yale University graduate, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker’s office is perched on the other side of the New Jersey State Aquarium. A few months ago, 1 of 13 pipe bombs destined for his office was intercepted in Florida. One can only speculate why his office was targeted during the revival of Camden NJ, which has been given the name “City Invincible”.

Jumbo Robinson, a former Rutgers University student who grew up in Camden New Jersey, gazed at the Philadelphia skyline pondering “What’s going on?”, as I took photos of seagulls.

He, like many other Camden New Jersey residences feel as if the change is definitely eye opening. And like many others who grew up in the city, has returned feeling displaced.

From the unexpected brief discussion we had, I get the feeling that there is some sort of division going on. The locals may be at odds with the new companies over employment and position.

My only advice is that a house divided cannot stand for too long. So if prosperity, peace, & advancement is Camden New Jerseys motive, unity is the only answer.

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