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BACKTHEFRESH (AP) After sitting back and watching the ongoing debate between fans, commentators, teammates, sports announcers, and even Michael Jordan himself about the Lebron James comment. All I could fathom was one NFL great. Barry Sanders.

In my opinion, Barry Sanders had to be the best NFL player I’ve ever watched play the game. He was on the road to surpassing NFL great Walter Peyton.

As soon as he tied Walter Peyton with 10 seasons rushing 1,100 yards or more, he quite at 15,269 yards! Walter Peyton has 16,726.

Barry Sanders rival Emmit Smith came out of nowhere and broke Walter Peytons record with 18,355 yards rushing, making him number one.

Michael Jordan (Shooting guard) has 32,292 total points of all time. Lebron James (Power Forward/Small Forward) has 31,966 points so far.

All Lebron needs is 326 points to surpass Michael Jordan in total points.

Kobe Bryant (Shooting Guard) scored 33,643 before he retired. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Center) and Karl Malone (Power Forward) are respectively number one and two in total points scored in NBA history with 38,387 and 36,928.

Lebron James can surpass Michael Jordan in total points, if he doesn’t quite like Barry Sanders did.

But even after that Michael Jordan is a hard act to follow.

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