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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Let me start off by saying that I am not against any Church or the son of the Virgin Mary. Canon Martin Gutwein use to be the only reason I attended St Pauls Episcopal Anglican Church in the center of Camden NJ.

It has served the city since 1830.

The “Anglican” in the title means it’s related to the “Church Of England”. I actually grew up in that particular church.

I attended it on and off throughout my teenage years, which was before I knew I was half Mohawk and half Italian.

In 2011 during my amnesia, I eventually started going back there. My amnesia gave me the opportunity to view things with a fresh mindset without being bias.

It isn’t the richest church to attend but I didn’t care. All I cared about was the vibration. It was pure. But after a while, I took notice to what was going on in the area.

Being the oldest church in Camden NJ, it’s positioned directly across the street from City Hall, A Post Office, and Sheriffs Department. A Methadone clinic is just 100 paces around the corner. So naturally I caught someone doing heroin in front of the church once.

It’s in the University District.

After a while, I felt as if everyone who attended that church couldn’t have been there to worship “God” like I was.

The vibration changed dramatically and I started getting the feeling that I wasn’t wanted there. Something gave me the hint that, “I did not belong, even-though I catered towards my surroundings.”

So I eventually moved closer to Islam. It could have been God and it could have been something evil that drove me away. Either way you put it, that’s the way it happened.