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Verse 1

Need a beat? I can write you a hit. Need Exact figures/
Fashion, quote Back2thefresh, back to fact spittin’/
Half a beat is a master-piece/
I get to paintin’ everywhere, sh** I mastered me/
Hello, your either bout it bout it, Master P @MasterPMiller/
I’m back to fact spittin’ or Russel @UncleRUSH, master peace/
Ye @kanyewest told Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump he was Larry Hoover/
Barack @BarackObama passed Prince Hall, let a jeweler rule it/
Lucy coffer in the closet, been in and out of royal lodges/
Swedish said respect the architect, so me? Repolished/
Born a child prodigy, I aint need college/
You can ask the Crown, my beat tag says Palace/
Flow game? Stupid, Italy Medusa/
Via Della Spiga, Sicilia made it truth, sh**/
They studied my rap, and borrowed my style/
Can pull a couple cards, poker face don’t smile/


Verse 2

@kanyewest Too many rappers forgot where they came from/
I ate dinner with @HulkHogan but shit I’m the same one/
I got hit by a car n***** forgot I was famous/
Like they had amnesia, that. about. a. *****. aint it?/
@realDonaldTrump lawyer’s Rudy Giuliani/
I aint John Gotti, Somebody better tell somebody/
@LuciaRiina Paints a portrait like a trophy/
Sicilia, Corleonesi, Mafiosi/
The states whispered back infront of every royal family/
I aint whisper that the crown knows I’m loyal family/
I aint meet Joey and Joey aint meet me/
If she aint with me I’m Chief of a tee pee/
Pppsss Entertainment verses based on facts/
We got a mall for sale in Italy, ***** trace ours back/
Bron just said he’s the greatest ever, ya’ll gave him that face/
Motha***** I’m legit, look at all that hate/


Verse 3

You’re a customer, I’m a hus-tl-er/
Accustomed to customs, custumed tux, **** is up?/
No @ladygaga, No @Beyonce, No @NikkiReed_I_Am Nikki Reed/
No Kim, No Kylie, ya’ll ****** read/
If you ball in the states, they’ll try to instant replay/
Paparazzi knows what happened 6 days after Vday/
How she love me like that? How I rap this good?/
All they did was borrow from a n****, tax ya hood/
Grandpop passed away in jail, dad went to jail/
I aint meet none of’m tho, yall n***** failed/
……………….Let me feel on it….brail/
………………I aint see s***, won’t tell?/
Talib Kweli wasn’t I out in Philly?
Fore’ I went to New York, ya’ll n****** silly?
Aint no ball team back me, Chinatown saw that/
Catch me in the club, posted up where they ball at/

Album: NEO

Instrumental I produced