BACK2THEFRESH (AP) One night while accompanied with Amanda Ridinger, I dined with Hulk Hogan, Swizz Beatz, and Jimmy Heart on Jr Ridingers Utopia III. The Utopia III was a state of the art Mega Yaht.

Prior to the dinner in Miami, I’d met he and his daughter on the same yaht in New York on the Hudson River for a business meeting.

Upon arrival at the Star Island dinner, I was immediately impressed. The Yaht was parked in the back of his mansion in the ocean right next to the pool.

I was greeted by the staff, whom I’ve met in New York on multiple occasions with the utmost congeniality. I headed towards the 2nd deck after I’d taken off of my shoes, and sat directly next to Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Heart.

Champagne flutes, garlic shrimp, Fettuccine Alfredo, and bottles of Cristal decorated each table. I turned to the right and said, “Hulk, what are you doing here? You’re my favorite wrestler of all time.” Hulk replied, “Just enjoying the evening like you brother.”

I started a discussion up with he and Jimmy Heart about how cool Jr Ridinger was, and how I thought the world of his daughter Amanda.

After the three of us became acquainted, and 3 glasses of champagne later, somehow I ended up on the other side of the yaht with Jr and Loren’s friends, who weren’t in the entertainment business.

Loren Ridinger exited the second deck in search for Jr, bringing him back with a huge gold chain around his neck. He’s an awesome performer and phenomenal speaker. I thanked him for inviting me to dinner and continued eating.

After a while, Swizz Beatz walked in with his mini entourage. I’d met him earlier that day at the Market America World Conference orchestrated by Jr and Loren Ridinger.

Our conversation was abbreviated and mostly about watches, cars, and music. So when I saw him at dinner, I felt comfortable with him being there.

One thing I do know for sure about Jr and Loren Ridinger, is that they know how to treat people.


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