BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Masterminds vs Puppet Masters. How come? Masterminds don’t want to enslave anyone. Puppet Masters do. Both are MASTERS and puppets are slaves to Puppet Masters.

According to Fortune Magazine, it’s extremely harmful to a leaders survival not to be authentic, because the world is entirely too transparent not to be. There are only two kinds of leaders.

And they are The Mastermind, and The Puppet Master.

The Masterminds focuses externally and internally on his/her organization. Making sure that every single business threat is visible to the naked eye. The Mastermind trains his/her trustworthy employees, predecessors, and constituents within his/her organization, to be loyal by way of non compete clauses and oaths.

Example: An employee may not start-up a similar company in the entire universe for 500 years. Or an employee may not discuss anything whatsoever about the company with an employee of a competitive company even in marriage.

So The Mastermind doesn’t have a problem with training his/her employees how to fish as long an agreement/contract is set in place. If you are that loyal than you are The Masterminds best friend.

The Puppet Master views his/her company with only manipulating his/her employees because to them an employee is only a puppet, who does what they are told. A Puppet of The Puppet Master doesn’t have a chance in this world of occupying a position of power within The Puppet Masters organization.

They’ll treat an employee anyway they wish because they’ve exchanged their time for money, food, etc, making them slaves of the Puppet Master.

I for one favor The Mastermind because they are more just than The Puppet Master.