BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Judaism I comprehend the stories of the Holocaust, and understand what was written during the earlier world wars. By the grace of god I went through an unforeseen incident that led me on an unplanned expedition of self discovery.

I didn’t grow up knowing that I was half Mohawk and half Italian. If it weren’t for my car accident and amnesia, I don’t think I would have ever ended up in Europe in 2013 to learn about who I was.

Being half Mohawk and half Italian is a war within itself. Every Native American and indigenous person blames the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus for the Native American Genocide and Holocaust.

Christopher Columbus was just a dreamer who was financed by the Spanish Monarchy, not the Italian Monarchy or British Monarchy. The Italian Monarchy didn’t believe in his dream, so he was financed by another royal family.

Christopher Columbus and Spain were in search of a new Spice Trade Route to the Asian country India not America, but took a wrong turn and ended up in America (Turtle Island). Spain wanted to murder Indians for land not Native Americans. They didn’t know the difference or where they were so they called Native Americans Indians.

Consequentially  Native Americans in the United States are being taught to go against the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus as opposed to Spain. The Author of “American Holocaust” D.E Stannard confirms that 100 Million Native Americans were murdered for land, and that there are only 5 Million Native Americans left in America. No one ever apologized for that mistake and everyone knows it.

There are only about 5 Million Native Americans left in America because many lost their language, began speaking Spanish and forgot who they were by design.

Here is a map of the largest campaign of racial warfare in history.


And as far as my Italian side goes, it looks as if it’s full of organized crime in America and opposed by conspiracy, entrapment, negligence, defamation of character & RICO. What’s one to do in my situation?