0000BACK2THEFRESH (AP) What makes Native Americans think that I’m not being attacked or victimized because I’m Half Mohawk? Not one of you ever stopped to think that I need your help because I know who I am now. They must not understand the Mohawk.

@sharicedavids @KDeveryJacobs @CBCIndigenous @waneekhm @RabzEast. Not one Native American should join a gang in America. A gang is a plantation. It enslaves the mind 1st and then the body 2nd. That’s the way America is being criminalized. If you’re in a gang get out now.

I’m in South Jersey in America. I’m not registered with one Mohawk tribe. I’m not surrounded by one tribe. I haven’t stepped foot on a reservation since a kid and that was only one time. Something has to be in the way of that. Think about it.

Native Americans don’t be like everyone else. I’m the real news and an Editor-And-Chief. Believe what I say. Even on the internet. That’s real life. Too many uneducated people are running around telling a lie.

Musically, after my hit and run accident Feb 20th 2010 as soon as blacks and hispanics realized I was half Mohawk / Italian they stopped supporting me. They knew who I was before I did. DIdn’t find out who I was until I moved to Europe in 2013.

And as soon as they realized that I knew who I was, they did not want to work with me, when I was raised with black and hispanics. As equal and as influential as I am, I expected better.

Now help me, help you.

If what I’m saying isn’t true. Why am I doing it “all” by myself inside and outside of my career?