BACK2THEFRESH (AP) I tweeted to Nick Cannon about Nipsey Hussle’s Conspiracy being bigger than 2pacs. And the serious of tweets goes as follows:


@NickCannon. I was going to do a documentary on Indigo Children 8yrs ago but changed my mind after researching for the documentary. I didn’t like the way Indigo Children were being treated because of who they were, so I cancelled my documentary.

@NickCannon I don’t recommend that anyone ever call themselves an Indigo publicly. The world won’t be kind to them out of fear, jealousy & control.

@NickCannon @AC360 & @Oprah did something on The Indigo Child years ago but It wasn’t done the way I would have done it. The point I’m making is that, some information is so secretive & sensitive, that it should remain esoteric. Only known by a few.

@NickCannon The @NipseyHussle Conspiracy is BIGGER than 2pacs. That other documentary you’re speaking about doing sounds kind of dangerous if it’s true.

These tweets are in direct response to Nick Cannon saying that he’s going to finish Nipsey Hussles documentary, about someone claiming to have cured people of the H.I.V virus.