The latest rumor is that Prince Hall Freemasons murdered Malcolm X of The Nation Of Islam. They claimed that Prince Hall Freemasons hid inside of an NOI Temple in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and planned his assassination. That specific kind of rumor is absolutely revolting and groundbreaking just to even think about, because so many believed that the CIA had something to do with his assassination. I personally don’t know for sure if the rumor is true, but according to history Malcolm X wasn’t too comfortable at the Philadelphia Pennsylvania NOI Temple that he was stationed at while he was alive. And historically Thee Biracial, Grand Master Prince Hall that Prince Hall Freemasonry is named after, opened African Lodge #459 under his charter, in 1797 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He opened that lodge 6 years later after his lodge earned the right to become a full-fledged lodge in Boston. I don’t know how true the rumor is but it’s thought-provoking.