Photo Source: Laura Londons Instagram https://www.instagram.com/laurenlondon/

BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Dear Lauren London. The night before I heard about your husband  Ermias Joseph Asghedom A.K.A Nipsey Hussle passing away, I had this vision.

I don’t know exactly how the enviornment looked, but one thing I do know for sure is that you and Ermias were in it.

I appeared out of nowhere and stood next to Ermias in-front of you. He didn’t say a thing. The next thing I did in this vision was proceed to walk in-front of him, and heard a shot.

I don’t know where it came from and I didn’t look behind me. Ermias just starred at me and ducked after. In this vision, you were hit, and I immediately brought all of Hollywood to you because you’re an actress.

I took you to the hospital. And the vision was over. The next thing you know, the very next day, I heard about how Ermias was shot and died that day. I’ve never had a vision that powerful before, so I contemplated about dropping music for good.

I’ve never met the both of you but the vision felt too personal for me not to communicate it this direct. I’m Islamic, half Italian, half Mohawk and I think my vision was that clear for a reason.

If I’d only had direct contact with the both of you, I feel as though the situation would have been different. My condolence goes out to you and your family. I’m sorry for your lost.

– Duronn