Corleonisi Mafiosi I’m so-lo/
Step out of a bodega, like it’s my do-jo/
Islam, you know who, only blue, no red pill/
Israel, might start a bank up like red shield/
Mexican said apologize to the people/
No father like son can’t trap his son with rico/
iiiiight my ni###, we really excel at it/
All about the benjamins, ya’ll ni#### failed at it/
Mac inside the jacket heard ya’ll n##### tell at it/
Seen a druglord flip a rap song then sale that shit/
Cherry Hill Porsche gotcha chick lookin delicate/
Jealous shit a get you pushed back outside the fellowship/
I aint no corna boy, talkin’ bout anotha nick/
Had a meetin’ on a yaht now JR @jrridinger got anotha ship/
Talkin’ like they’re coked up, see they took anotha sniff/
I.wear.many.hats. show you how to juggle shit/
Just a suit and tie n#####, bangin out anotha shift/
I’m advanced, I’m evolved, you can ask the mothership/
Philly know I.hookah.her and buy.her anotha.sip/
If.I’m.feelin’.her might call and buy her mother shit/
I’m a born hustler, all that finesse wit it/
2012 put Barack on his feet, lets get it/
They see through it cos of me, not you, the visions clear/
2020 Bull and the Bear, stock, here’s a share/
You stop talkin’, use stock market/
You stop markets and move out bosses/
Now dumb it down, you got cautious/
That b**** love you cos, you got Porsches/
They got on it, when you got off it/
They think you aint doin sh** but you gotta office/
They check ya gram, and check ya tweets/
Like you don’t really need it, that’s an extra piece/
B**** it’s entertainment I made up quick/
Studied my tweets and made up sh**/
Don’t twist my words up………uuuuh yeah that’s it/
She’s a hustler probly.YUP/
They crack no.body.UP/