All Sun All Moon


They said that I’m not JAY-Z’s replacement. Kill that Japanese looking *****, and I shouldn’t have Russel Simmons’d that Hot 97 Concert before my car accident. OK. The whole industry copied me as soon as I got hit by that car including JAY-Z. I’ll drop my Album next summer.


If we were to remain inside of The United States for another 2 years I’d go insane. I don’t know where that comment came from. You’re not Jay Z’s replacement. You are you and he is he. Before your car accident and transformation you you were rising a little too fast. I don’ think you could have controlled that. Just try to stay focused. 2020 is almost here. How clear are your visions?


My visions are clearer than they use to be. But that comment got under my skin a little bit because I didn’t remember it. Here is what I recollect:

In 2008 there was this huge conspiracy theory about me being watched by the Swedish media for secret groups. Not too long after that I ended up in the Hospital because of Dehydration which was misdiagnosed. And then they moved me to another hospital in NJ.

In 2010 I was struck by a hit and run driver 6 days after Valentines Day. Which left me with 4 years of amnesia. I managed to make it to a hospital thanks to NJ State Troopers. Received an x ray and cat scan. And was released 6 hours later. My then fiance at the time and I broke up. 2 Days later, I had to be in Manhattan for business.

After taking care of business, I began returning back to the Philadelphia metropolitan area when I collapsed at the train station because I was still weak from the hit and run. The NYPD picked me up, and called an ambulance. I was released the next day, and walked the streets of New York all night. Next day word traveled that I was walking around in Manhattan without bodyguards, so the people called the ambulance for me. I ended up in another hospital for 2 weeks.

I needed the rest. And no one told me that I was in the music business. I couldn’t remember for 2 years. I found out by researching myself.

In 2013 I ended up moving to Norway to get married. Marriage called off the day before I was to get married, so I moved back to America. The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York contacted me to tell me that I was expelled from Norway and 25 other countries for 5 years. I appealed and had it reduced to 2 years. I can now re enter in to those 26 countries.

It’s kind of tough when your good at it.


Do you think they are insinuating that Jay Z and Russel Simmons had something to do with your accident?


That’s a great question Trio. But rumors have been circulating in the industry about how Will Smith has wanted to kill me for quite some time. Maybe The Fresh Prince did have something to do with it.

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