They talk trash about him when he isn’t present/
Then call police when he responds, lesson/
So he throws cheese and bread inside of traps/
Cos it just isn’t fair! Please, I state facts/
Apologized to billionaires for being naughty before/
Seduced by the power, heard it call me before/
They spread rumors I suppress fake news/
On the Utopia 3 ‘fore Jay Z @S_C_, I broke rules/
I was in Apartments in the Bronx, with Hollywood/
Violator said come to a meetin’, probably should/
Set up meeting after meeting, like you’re trained to dream/
They use to show me @50cent like he came from Queens/
After a while my circle backed away like Chappelles @DaveChappelle
Can’t become unfamous, once your famous, that’s the way it is/
I aint go to Africa, Europe came and got me/
Only trust god & money, everybody watched me/