BACK2THEFRESH (AP) I’ve pondered with the idea of a “Red, White, & Blue Union”. There are multiple unions and associations that already exist but there isn’t a “Red, White, & Blue Union“.

I’m running for U.S President in the year 2032, and this is a design that I would like to see come into fruition, sooner than later. I was inspired by the United Kingdoms Brexit. Presently the United Kingdom has memberships with The Schengen Area and The European Union. But a new leaked document projects that the U.K’s membership with the E.U will be terminated by October 31st (Halloween) of this year NPR.

Those 27 countries are as follows:

United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia, Samoa, Paraguay, Panama, North Korea, Netherlands, Nepal, Luxembourg, Laos, Liberia, Iceland, France, Fiji, Czechia, Cuba, Croatia, Costa Rica, Chile, & Cambodia.

The concept is to be entertained by world leaders from each and every nation with a Red, White & Blue banner.