All Sun All Moon

Chief Prince Adam

The Rothschild’s came from the Jewish ghettos of Europe. And Andrew Carnegie wasn’t born wealthy, and didn’t receive an inheritance. He created his wealth from scratch.

They care what you are at a certain level. I’m half Italian & Half Mohawk and I was invited into the Middle Eastern Islamic faith awhile ago. Someone should probably help me before Columbus Day and Indigenous Day. They’re still at odds and everyone wants to get even.

NEXT FULL MOON: Saturday, 14 September 2019, 06:32:48 am.

While I had amnesia. I heard that they’d taken me all of the way to war. As if I was vulnerable like Achilles was when his tendon got sliced. As if I was vulnerable like Sampson was when Delilah told his enemies his strength.

I’m The Enlightened. They’re false. How can so many attack one, if he isn’t authentic? They follow us and mimic. They want to steal our souls because they are not us. We’re not the ones trying to steal their souls. We don’t know how. We don’t need to know.

President Donald Trump

I can relate to some of what you said. Ever since I stepped into the oval office I’ve been under attack, when I’m Chief-And-Commander, Commander-And-Chief. Mutiny and treason exist as well as strategic patience.

Chief Prince Adam

There was no collusion?

President Donald Trump

No collusion.