BACK2THEFRESH (AP) I tweeted a picture of myself to Kahnawake and Saint Regis at Akwesasne Mohawk tribes. Kahnawake’s in Canada, and St Regis is in New York. I have to register with one of them.

It’s easier for me to register with St Regis in New York than it is with Kahnawake in Canada. It’s easier for me to register with St Regis because they’ll allow a half Mohawk to register.

It’s harder for me to register with Kahnawake in Canada because I’m only half Mohawk, and I’ll need to marry a full blooded female Mohawk in order to be a member of the tribe. They even have signs that says non natives allowed.

But even before I can register I have to complete an even more difficult task. And that’s finding my biological mother. I found out who and what I was after moving to Europe in 2013, when I though my parents were dead since the 90’s.

I found out that the woman who raised me wasn’t my biological mother, and how my father was still alive. I found out that my biological mother was a Mohawk from the Wolf Clan. And that my father is an Italian American Mafioso by the name of Joey Merlino. I’ve never met either of them even though I tried to reach out to Joey Merlino. There are rumors that my biological mother was last seen in the Wynnefield Heights section of  Philadelphia Pa.

The mafia wars in the 1980’s had to have been vicious in order for all of this to have taken place.

But I have to find my biological mother in order to register with St Regis. I’ve been searching since 2014.



After I Left Sicily I Found Out That Joey Merlino Was My Biological Father: Listen.