BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Rita Ora is a combination between Beyonce & Rihanna. She isn’t as great as those two at the present moment but she’s damn good. R.I.P was the very first song I’ve ever heard from her. Her mother’s catholic and her father’s Islamic, so I can only imagine how head strong she really is. Make sure you keep an eye on this one. She definitely has “it”.

I wrote a verse to that instrumental in 2012 but never recorded it. Here it is:

Knighted now … Dont fight da sound

Give’m energy … like when Mike was round

Grade A … Prices down

Crown on da bill … My typa pound

Zip’r up … Zip’r down

Gave’r swag … Now she turn’r fitted round

Pop queens, princesses, R&B divas

Witcha bad ass … Arent we ether?

She’s a wild girl … My attitude spartan

Fill’r up then open’r … Aston Martin

She’s a freak … Anywhere

And I’ll put it on All madden any year