BACK2THEFRESH (AP) We were recently on the Ben Franklin Bridge in the Delaware Valley. I run this bridge once in a while from Camden NJ to Bala Cynwyd and back (20 miles). Constructed July 6th 1926, The Ben Franklin Bridge separates Camden NJ from Philadelphia Pa across the Delaware River. The Bridge Port Authority is always on duty when I’m walking or jogging across the bridge, so we know they’re always on the lookout for terrorist.

DSC_2425 (1)

The 7 lane bridge just had both sides reconstructed and one side even has a ramp enabling the disabled to ride in wheelchairs. In-fact many people bike back and fourth not only to stay in shape, but to avoid paying the toll.

One of the most interesting things about the Delaware Valley, is that after the founding fathers signed the Deceleration of Independence in 1776 in Philadelphia Pa, the British hid in Camden NJ.

They hid on Erie Street in North Camden because it was easier for them to take Philadelphia Pa to war.