Excalibershine Images | BACK2THEFRESH| Norway, Oslo, 2013.

BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Every Thursday we post videos of food from around the world. There’s one particular type of food I’d like to focus on and that’s Swedish food.

Back in 2013 one day in Oslo, I left my apartment to speak to a music producer who lived in the same building. And on the way up the stairs, I ran into these people whom I’d never met. They said, “Justis you should come eat with us on the roof. We have this Swedish holiday we celebrate once per year.” I agreed and went to the rooftop with them. It was nothing out of the ordinary because about 4 times out of the week that’s where we barbecued.

Oh my god, they served the freshest seafood I’ve ever eaten, fresh off the coast of Greenland. We all sat on the rooftop in the winter chill conversing about the difference between America and Scandinavia for a few hours. And I let them know that I’ve eaten other dishes in Scandinavia, but Swedish food has to be at the top, while the frosty smoke fell from my tongue.

My advice is, “When in Viking territory, eat with Vikings.”

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