BACK2THEFRESH (AP) We’d like to thank the associates who wishes to remain anonymous, of Escobar Inc “The Holding Company For Pablo Escobar” established in 1984 in Medellin Columbia, by Roberto Escobar. They’ve intercepted information around me, about a $50,000 bounty on my life during our terror investigation in South Jersey.

There is no way in the world $50,000 would have been received by gangs during our terror investigation. It’s a tactic we’ve heard about before, that always leaves attackers with the short end of the stick. We suspect that it was an ill attempt not only to take someones life, but to also incarcerate a desperate stranger without paying them. Once again, thank you Escobar Inc. We first caught wind of Escobar Inc on TMZ earlier this year: Trademark Turf War

Thank you Escobar Inc.