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(After Speaking with President Donald Trump, Chief Prince Adam speaks at the United Nations about terrorism and gangs.

Chief Prince Adam

During our BACK2THEFRESH terror investigation @FBI. This is what we don’t understand. The Black Panther, who are Police, ordered everyone who isn’t Black to leave the Bloods & Crips nationwide. Hispanics aren’t listening causing a war. A race war. Are they terrorist trying to hide? Or are they apart of the opioid crisis who are addicted to Fentanyl laced marijuana and heroine because Fentanyl has been weaponized like we know it has?


And how are you going to communicate that message to Native Americans? Some are among us at this conference wearing suits like you and I.

Chief Prince Adam

@FBI Don’t worry. I have it under control. “WARRIORS” not one Native American is to ever call themselves a Blood Or Crip. They are 2 gangs within the Black race controlled by the Black Panthers and no one else. Ok? Ok. Tell them this. They’re not the Black Panthers from the 60’s. And show them this


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