Courtesy of Mark Charles 2020

BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Half Dutch half Navajo Native American Mark Charles is running for U.S President as an Independent. Mark Charles, I’m also half Native American of the Mohawk, wolf clan, and half Italian. But unlike you, I didn’t find out what I was until I became an adult. And I found out about it while on vacation to Sicily while living in Norway in 2013.

I have extensive knowledge about Native Americans and Italian Americans. Unfortunately I have never met my biological father or biological mother. The United States of America has never given me any of that kind of information. I learned about it while living in the Kingdom Of Norway. In 12yrs from now, I’ll also be running for U.S President, and from experience I know for a fact that I’ll have to ultimately cater to the Italian American and The Native American because that’s how the U.S is designed.

Barack Obama was also a biracial U.S President and we’ve all witnessed how he had to cater to both Black & White people, even-though he was equal, the way a President should be. It’s just that when you rise, your race and culture feels entitled to you, and they become rejuvenated, whether you want them to or not.

Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared to help every Native American understand that England took Spain & France to war in Europe before they all arrived on Turtle Island aka United States? Are you prepared to help Native Americans comprehend that Christopher Columbus was used as a tool by the Kingdom Of Spain, because the Italian Royal family didn’t want to finance him?

Are you prepared to help Native Americans comprehend that The English wanted to be family and friends, the French wanted to enslave for land, and The Spanish came to murder for land?

If it were Christopher Columbus’s fault, many Native Americans would speak Italian, and not Spanish, the way they do. It was a Spanish Conquest and we see it til this day.

I’m not saying that Christopher Columbus was innocent. No. I’m merely saying that a mistake must be corrected. Christopher Columbus and the others were headed for the Asian country India, but landed on Turtle Island aka United States. That’s why they called Native Americans, Indians instead of Native Americans. They thought they were in India.

What about that Mark Charles? No one has ever said, “Wow, that was thee biggest mistake in world history, and no one corrected it”. Spain and the Asian Indians must be pretty powerful to the point that no one ever addressed it to them.

Finally, are you prepared to cater to The Dutch and The Navajo Native American the way we all know you will have to, if you win the 2020 U.S election?