I ended up working for another company for some extra money. And the position was not in an office as an executive but I took the position anyway. But after a while, I noticed that when I got off, that I was being followed home. I ignored it for about a week or so.

And then I hear, Duronn “Justis” James better stop coming out here like he isn’t famous. So I started thinking, “Oh, now they know I’m famous?” You see. I don’t know whether people ignored the fact that I’m famous and couldn’t believe it was me. Or whether someone told them to just keep letting him come out here like he isn’t famous, which made then nervous.

So the other night, something told me to take an alternative route home. Luckily I did, because I hear there was a plot to rob and kill me.

It’s not that I was flirting with death. I just need different streams of income.