BACK2THEFRESH (AP) It isn’t about racism in America. It’s all about “Classism” right now. The highest class in a race, must organize & strengthen every class in its race, to prove that they are who they are. Lower class Blacks should get loans from Upper Class Blacks.

That applies to every race in the human family. The U.S shouldn’t hear Black Men & Women from the Lower Class complaining about Upper Class White Men & Women not helping them. That sounds insane to every race in the U.S, when ou have thousands of pro athletes & entertainers who are millionaires.

The rat race is dead. It’s “Survival Of The Fittest”. No one should be at the bottom of the ladder of success conspiring to make anyone fall in 2020. The vision is that clear. Move them out of the way.

Make no mistake about it. The lower class conspired to collapse the middle class during Obama. So there are some who should not be middle or upper. Their decision making skills makes too many suffer. That Sovietized the U.S.

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