BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Business wise, it takes an entire race to be lead by its upper and highest class, in order to fully sustain in the 21st century. Just make sure that those who are in upper class seats are qualified to be in their position, or they jeopardize the stability of their entire race.

A decade ago the 99% revolted against the 1%, in an attempt to prove that only 1% of the worlds population controls the worlds wealth. A decade later I am saying, “that whole movement was a blueprint for global success.”

All it took was for someone to realize that 99 + 1 equaled 100. The 99% and 1% need each other in order to be complete. In order to be fulfilled. Once destructive emotions are eliminated from money being exchanged from hand to hand, problems dissolve into thin air.

The One Hundred Percent