BACK2THEFRESH (EX) 7 Eleven on Rutgers University Campus in Camden NJ, has been open 23 hours per day during the COVID 19 Pandemic. It sits directly across the street from Rutgers University, A Sheriffs Department, and a block away from 2 half way houses. It’s been known to be a hang out for many homeless people, who’s presence has plagued Camden NJ.

Last night at 12am, the Philly Inquirer and I were in front of the 7 Eleven, and they told me that Philly only had 2,000 COVID 19 deaths. And that New Jersey had 8,000 deaths. That’s pretty alarming. I found that to be odd, but being open 23 hours per day during the COVID 19 Pandemic is another thing.

They’ve stopped serving coffee in order to prevent the spread of the virus, but it still should not be a hangout for anyone during these times. The 7 Eleven employees are well aware of the COVID 19 threat, but not all of it’s customers and homeless intruders are. Hopefully the general public in the area becomes educated about the destruction of this mysterious new virus.

COVID 19 Recently took the life of the brother of a former teacher of mines by the name of David Ferber. So I know that it’s very real. We’re asking the general public to follow instructions in order to prevent the spread of the virus in New Jersey.

It’s one thing to hear about it and watch it on CNN. But it’s another when it hits home.