While we are nearing the lifting of the lockdowns in the main western countries, there is still a lot of confusion as to the length of this transition period and the risks of a new wave of the virus. With the notable exception of Germany, no western country is producing tests on a massive scale to accelerate the quarantining of people who are infected and it is not even certain that the quantity of masks available will be sufficient. The serological tests do not appear to be considered reliable for the time being. As for the immunisation of the population, it is not extensive enough according to the various studies (which often have reliability issues) to hope for a significant reduction in the risk of a new outbreak of the epidemic, bearing in mind that even the notion of the immunity of a person who has already had the virus is still not established. Unprecedented research efforts to find a therapy are underway, but at this stage no solutions have been found yet to reduce the deadliness of this virus and it is likely that it will be close to 12 months before a vaccine is available. In other words, we are entering a period of social distancing that everyone wants to estimate will last a few months without any certainty whatsoever and in which growth will be sharply impacted. Read more by clicking here: Edmond De Rothschild