BACK2THEFRESH (EX) Last night I was alarmed when I saw Fashion Mogul/Musician Kanye West tweet. We all know via media whether it be social media, television, paper mag, newspaper, or word – of – mouth, that he’s been going through a crisis.

Last night I tweeted Jay Z, “@S_C_. A few years ago someone said, “Add Duronn “Justis” James to the @KylieJenner, @kanyewest, Kim Kardashian West family now”. But they didn’t. Now all of this is happening. Who did they let into their family? That’s exactly why it’s happening. I lie to you not.” in response to Kanye West tweets.

Since then Kanye West tweets have disappeared from his twitter. But they were in the context of, “My wife Kim Kardashian West tried to bring a doctor to Wyoming to our ranch to get me locked up”, meaning committed. He then goes on about how the film Get Out was about he and The Kardashians. He then went on to tweet, “I love my wife. My family must live next to me. It’s not up to E or NBC anymore,” Followed by, “Come and get meeeeee”.

Kanye West then ends off the mini rant with, “Focused on the music now, DONDA coming this Friday.”

About an hour later Superstar Pop Singer Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, aka Halsey does a remarkable thing and also stand up for West. Here are her tweets below:

No matter how many different forms of communication exist, communication is always key. Once effective communication is involved, the questions disappear.