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BACK2THEFRESH (EX) Last night I tweeted an interview from 2009 that featured former Radio DJ Air aka Ariane Stroschein & Corrine Panisi. Ariane Stroschein is now an Executive Producer at ABC 10. And Corrine Panisi is a Public Relations Specialist at Panisi Publishing Company.

The interview from 2009 took place a year before my hit and run car accident, that took place in Voorhees New Jersey. I was left with 4yrs of amnesia from 2010 – 2014.  I moved to Norway in 2013 while I had amnesia and learned alot about myself. One life changing thing I learned about myself is that I’m Joey Merlino’s son after vacationing to Sicily. Which totally changed my perspective on everything.

But after listening to this interview the other day. There is no way in the world, I’ll be able to trust anyone again because of what I’ve endured. No one acted as if I was who I am in America after my hit and run accident. The industry’s cold.

The interview took place in California.

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