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All Sun All Moon


I can broker a deal between @Twitter and @tiktok_us. Like I could have done with @UMG & @warnermusic that could have made it “Universal Warner”. #JustAThought The Streets and The Hood are two separate things. The Hood comes from jail. Just because you’re street doesn’t mean you’re illegal, dumb, or ignorant. There’s Royal Streets, Upper Class streets, Middle Class Streets & Lower Class Streets. Somethings in the streets #Facts You always have to keep your ears to The Streets and not The Hood. Billionaires are in the streets just like the homeless sometimes keeping their ears to The Streets. Even The Ivy League keeps their ears to the streets. The Tweets Are Watching #Facts A billionaire found out about other companies in The Streets by being in The Streets and ended up the laughing stock of the stock exchange on Wall Street. The Tweets Are Watching #Facts You left @Twitter in 2008 and started Square. Twitter finally brought you back because your seat is your seat and no one else’s. Now it drives the way it was intended to drive. The Tweets Are Watching #Facts


The laughing stock of the stock exchange on Wall Street? LMAO

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