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BACK2THEFRESH (EX) After Prince Harry Married American model/actress Meghan Markle, an unspoken war ceased to exist. What unspoken war you may ask? Well in the 1700’s 13 colonies on “Turtle Island” aka America were established by subjects of the Royals Family.

According to U.S history, as time passed on a Declaration Of Independence was signed in Philadelphia Pa, after The Boston Tea Party in Boston. The colonies declared that they were independent of The Royal Family and suggested that they were no longer going to pay a Tea Tax.

The American Revolutionary War began in response in 1776. The physical battle lasted for years, but an unspoken war existed up until Prince Harry & Meghan Markle were married. And we know it existed because we can feel the tension ease after the wedding.

But someone had to have been against the marriage in the first place because now all of a sudden both Prince & Princess have given their crowns away. To my knowledge that’s unheard of. And hopefully they’ll get their crowns back because there is a different kind of war going on in the United States because of it.

Prince Harry said that he’d never want to be The King so he’s not competing with anyone to be King. But other Kingdoms may have a problem with a King sitting on the British throne after more than half a century.

They’re all use to Queen Elizabeth II ruling with Prince Philip, her husband. Not to mention the fact that some may have had a problem with the U.K breaking away from the European Union.

These are historical times. And what’s understood doesn’t have to be spoken.

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