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BACK2THEFRESH (EX) On Sunday September 13th 2020 I wrote an article titled “Princes Harry And Princess Meghan Markles Crowns”. It was ultimately about Harry and Meghan needing their crowns back because their father “Prince Charles” is in line to be King, and he needs them by his side. He needs them by his side along with his wife Camilla, his son Prince William & Kate, The Princess Royal, and other family members. Not to mention his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. It states,

After Prince Harry Married American model/actress Meghan Markle, an unspoken war ceased to exist. What unspoken war you may ask? Well in the 1700’s 13 colonies on “Turtle Island” aka America were established by subjects of the Royals Family.

According to U.S history, as time passed on a Declaration Of Independence was signed in Philadelphia Pa, after The Boston Tea Party in Boston. The colonies declared that they were independent of The Royal Family and suggested that they were no longer going to pay a Tea Tax.

The American Revolutionary War began in response in 1776. The physical battle lasted for years, but an unspoken war existed up until Prince Harry & Meghan Markle were married. And we know it existed because we can feel the tension ease after the wedding.

But someone had to have been against the marriage in the first place because now all of a sudden both Prince & Princess have given their crowns away. To my knowledge that’s unheard of. And hopefully they’ll get their crowns back because there is a different kind of war going on in the United States because of it.” Read more by clicking here: Prince Harry And Princess Maghan Markle

The very next day Monday September 14th I published a rumor titled Meghan Markle And Harry. It pretty much broke down the fabric of a power struggle both biracial and royal. It states,

A rumor has been circling around about Princess Meghan Markle & Prince Harry. And it’s beginning to grow legs. My ears are not strangers to this particular kind of rumor, because I’ve heard a similar rumor with Barack Obama during his presidency.

It isn’t hard to fathom the fact that a power struggle began between Black, White, & biracial people outside of Meghan & Harry’s relationship when the were engaged. The power struggle was about who would benefit from being able to identify with Maghan Markle racially. I mean we all know that her mother’s Black and her father’s White, so that makes her biracial.

And that means alot nowadays considering the fact that people are calling Barack Obama the 1st Black President when he’s also biracial. We all can see who the victor is in that tug of war match. I take it that he is either classified as being black because of his wife, former 1st lady Michelle Obama. Or because historically there has always been a war for biracial icons and leaders“. Read more by clicking here: The Rumor: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

And yesterday on Wednesday September 16th 2020, BBC News wrote an articled titled Barbados To Remove Queen Elizabeth As Head Of State.

That article is about Barbados completely severing ties with the United Kingdom as an independent.

Once again Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need their crowns back. Because as soon as it was made public that the both of of them were placing their crowns down, somehow saw the British Monarchy as being weaker.

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