BACK2THEFRESH (EX) Approximately 16 hours ago I tweeted Kanye West in response to his tweets 20 hours ago. Kanye West tweets about the music business were from a disgruntled artist point of view. Which is totally understandable because I’m an artist myself.

My tweets on the other hand were from a CEO’s point of view. With total absolute understanding of music and the music business on a global scale. My tweets came from articles I’d written while I had amnesia about EMI, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Edgar Bronfman Jr’s, & Power Struggles at the top tier of the music business. Which artist never get to see.

Kanyes articulate, descriptive, and expressive, but hopefully my vision and point of view broadened his horizons. They include all genres of music.

The reason I even bothered to participate or even respond to what was said, is because of Kanye tweeting a picture of himself urinating on a Grammy he’d won. I’ve never seen that happen before, and I don’t have one yet. So I refused to comprehend why someone would do that at their height of achievement, because “Achievement Is Free“.

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