Clout invites Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley to a business meeting to talk about his film All Sun All Moon, inspired by his book “All Sun All Moon”. Clout stares out of the conference room window with his arms folded as they both walk in. He never looks at them. He just heard them come in and he begins to speak.


in 2010 I got hit by a car so hard on rt 73 while walking across the street that I did double back-flips and landed on my head and shoulders. After 30 seconds I rolled over out of the way of another car because I heard something whisper “roll over”. It was about 30 degrees and 6 inches of snow in Feb. I rose back up slow and stiff. And an older couple pulled over and asked was I ok, they saw the whole thing. They told me to get in the back of their car so they could take me to the hospital. I said that I just needed a Gatorade and not a hospital. So they drove me up the street to a wawa. I stepped in and the cashier looked at me as if I were dead. I got a @Gatorade and realized my suit pants were shredded. walked out of wawa and told the couple that I was going to walk to get my head clear. They pleaded with me to get in but I refused. So I walked in 6 inches for about 5 miles before the new jersey state troopers stopped me in the dark. The New Jersey State Trooper said what are you doing? I said I just got hit by a hit and run and did 2 backflips and landed on my head and shoulders. He said get in the backseat I have to call an ambulance for you. So I did and waited. Some of them were use to seeing me jogging at night sometimes in the Voorhees area. But the ambulance came and drove me to Stratford Memorial Hospital. After an x ray and cat scan, they said I was kind of in shape to have just gotten hit by a car. After 6 hours they released me and said I was fine. Two days later. Witnesses in Cherry Hill NJ said that I was running on all fours through the snow at about 12 am in a foot of snow through their front and back yards. Two days after that I was in the 30th street train station in Philadelphia Pa and tried to get a train ticket to New York, but the receptionist wouldn’t give me one with money in my hand. So I walked and stood next to that huge statue of an angel. I swear this guy came out of nowhere and I asked him could he buy my ticket for me and here’s the money. He said no. Walk with me over there. I walked with him over to the receptionist and then all of a sudden she gave me my ticket. I got the ticket, made it to Penn Station in Manhattan and walked the streets of New York all night. Next morning I finally made it to @Diddy‘s Sean John on 5th Ave just in time for the I Am King Contest. On my way back home I collapsed in Penn Station just before I could buy a ticket because the hospital in New Jersey had released me too early. The @NYPDTransit helped me up and walked outside with me and waited for an ambulance. stayed in the hospital close to two weeks I think. Strangers came in and said that they couldn’t help me in the hospital. They could help me outside. I don’t know who they were or how they got in. Got released from the hospital and went to Miami. It was just a day trip to Miami. But I couldn’t remember who I was. That’s when the 4 years of amnesia kicked in. I discovered who I was while I had amnesia.

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