BACK2THEFRESH (EX) This is an interesting one. Jermaine Dupri called Nipsey Hussle Jesus after he passed away and he really believes that. Three years after Nipsey Hussles death a song is released from the Judas And The Black Messiah soundtrack called, “What It Feels Like“. Both of them are phenomenal on the record. Nipsey Hussle rhymes:

Cruisin’ in the six, lookin’ at the proceeds of rap music on my wrist/ Drop another mixtape my sh** boomin’ out this b****/ Young Malcolm I’m the leader of the movement out this b****/.

Jay Z rhymes: Black stones on my neck ya’ll can’t kill Christ/ Black Messiah is what I feel like/ Sh** aint gone’ stop cause ya’ll spill blood/ We gon’ turn up beefin’ more since ya’ll killed cuz/

What is this Secret Society of Christ that we’ve been hearing about over the last few years? Even rap artist have acknowledged it. Whatever it is it seems to have been going on since the days of Jesus The Christ from the New Testament. And possibly before that. Historically every-time one of them publicly announces themselves, they are met with opposition. From what we’re seeing, Christ has to be a spirit that moves from body to body no matter the race.

Credits as seen on

Associated Performer: Nipsey Hussle & Jay-Z
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