BACK2THEFRESH (EX) It’s Feb 14th and I just thought about the last time I had a Valentines Day Celebration. The last time I had a Valentines Day Celebration was in 2011, one year after my hit and run car accident. I had hosted this event at a club in Philadelphia Pa in Olde City. My amnesia was relatively still fresh, the night was enchanting, mysterious, and exciting. Philadelphia was still in the beginning stages of transforming into what it is now.

I’m use to running around in and with extremely diverse crowds because it’s the way I was raised. Partying and spending money all of the time, was a college tradition. The female I was with had an East Coast Valley Attitude. You know, extremely intelligent, bossy, intriguing and accustomed to The Crowd. I was use to her kind.

We enjoyed the night and partied publicly with everyone else. And not too long after that we broke up.

This year I’m single without a Valentine and haven’t had a Valentine since 2011. The year before that in 2010 I’d spent Valentines Day at a club in Rittenhouse Square with my 1st fiancee. And I drank a bottle of champagne alone. And not too long after that we’d broken up after that because of my hit and run accident that left me with four years of amnesia.

From my experience, It’s become a tradition for me to be alone on Valentines Day, and I know why.