BACK2THEFRESH.ME | EXCALIBERSHINE IMAGES | Philadelphia Pa. Terror Investigation 2016 – Present

BACK2THEFRESH (EX) Our terror news investigation has been going on for a while. It all began after after a Philadelphia Police Officer was shot by a black male while on duty January 6th 2016. After he discharged 13 shots into the Police Officers vehicle, he struck the officer 3 times. Not too long after we found out that he’d pledged his allegiance to ISIS.

Our news terror investigation initially began in the Delaware Valley. That’s Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Since then it has expanded into the entertainment business. Universal Music Group and Warner Music have been notified via Jack Dorsey’s The CIA, FBI, Interpol, and other governmental agencies are also well aware of what we’re conducting.

Two weeks before this past Christmas my bank account was closed for the 4th time within 5 years, plus we caught wind of a 45,000 member terror network. And then, not too long after that someone bombed on Christmas morning. And it still appears to be the work of a lone wolf.

You never know who might be tide to terrorism. After all, our 16th President Of The United States, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by a famous actor by the name of John Wilkes Booth. He was shot in a theatre while everyone clapped about the show they were watching. His bodyguard didn’t even realize it because he was at the bar getting drunk.

I’m not just in the entertainment business, I’m also the Editor – And – Chief of the international news publication BACK2THEFRESH.ME

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