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BACK2THEFRESH (EX) The reason I’ve taken so long to release my novel ALL SUN ALL MOON, that’s going to be a 7 part film is because of interference. If you know me, then you know that I am highly productive, goal oriented, and extremely focused.

My forth coming novel ALL SUN ALL MOON is a long awaited Vampire Diary response. That’s the reason I eventually added Ian Somerhalder and Paul Westley to the equation literary wise. I haven’t defamed them or anything. I let them know via social media, which is twitter that I’d like them to be apart of the film when it’s time.

The response comes from when one day, my niece and I sat down and decided to watch the Vampire Diaries. And as we watched episode after episode and series after series. The only thing I could think of is, WHO ARE THE WRITERS. Where are they? How’d they get their ideas? OF COURSE I’M INSINUATING That they aren’t original!

So ALL SUN ALL MOON began. I began writing some of it in New York, some of it in Oslo, and some of it in Sicily. So the setting takes place in 3 different countries.

Let me tell you. I am a writing machine. So there is no way I’m not being interfered with in some shape, form, or fashion. And of course I can’t be the only one. This has to have been happening for decades.

But my novel ALL SUN ALL MOON is about modern day Vampires & Wolves in the entertainment business.

ALL SUN ALL MOON means EXCALIBERSHINE. And EXCALIBERSHINE is a nature friendly fraternity and order that I founded in 2011. It’s also a tribe if it needs to be. And you must have some kind of clearance in order to be a member of it.

So I’m the Author/Screenwriter and Actor of ALL SUN ALL MOON, and founder of EXCALIBERSHINE. And no one else publicly or privately is. I even mention my name DURONN in the novel so that people know it’s me.

I hope you understand my struggle.

Thank you.